Members can be either active or supporting. Legal entities can only obtain supporting member status.

Active membership involves the member co-operating scientifically or personally in the EuWDS’s activities.
Supporting membership means persons or organisations granting financial support to EuWDS either by an annual contribution, stipulated by the EuWDS Board of Directors, or by granting a scholarship to young researchers.

Those applying for membership must specify beforehand whether they wish to be an active or a supporting member.

Applications will be investigated by the Board of Directors. Applications to be an active member will be evaluated mainly on the basis of the applicant’s clinical and/or scientific interest and knowledge. If necessary, the Board of Directors will be free to petition advice from disinterested third parties.
The Board of Directors will then submit the list of applicants to the General Assembly. Acceptance as a member will be done by vote of the active members only of the General Assembly by a simple majority.

Members are entitled to leave the association by submitting their resignation to the Board of Directors. Resignation will take effect only after acceptance by the Board of Directors. The entire annual memberships dues for the current year remain due.

The Board of Directors can propose that the General Assembly exclude a member. Exclusion as a member will be done by vote of only the active members of the General Assembly by ordinary majority. Dismissal of a member of the Board of Directors requires a two-thirds majority of votes.

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